Tuesday, January 22

Clemson defeats Wake in OT

The OP Stat of the game: 22. 2 3pg% for Wake.
Or, is it, 43.8% FT shooting for the Tigers?

Apparently the Clemson Tigers love playing ACC Basketball so much, they want to play even more. So it went, again, into overtime against the Wake Forest double-d's.

Again, Mays is less effectual than he needed to be, as was Booker, Stitt, Sykes, and Hammonds.

Escalade driving Oglesby made up for some of the lack of efficiency, as he was 3-7 from 3pt range.

Now, really? OT for the third time against Wake. (Five ACC games, Three OT games).
OP and the boys are not going to make it easy this year.

Booker should have been dominating MacFarland. Really, he should have.

Nonetheless, we are locked into 4th place in the ACC after Five Games- only eleven more games to go, should my heart and my sanity make it that far.

Our next game is not until Sunday, at Miami, followed by a home game nearly a week later against BC.

Look for an OP giveaway and a few new features prior to the BC game.

Congratulations Tigers. Don't savor it too much, just get ready for the hurra.

Until then,

Go Tigers.

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