Tuesday, January 22

An Open Letter to the Clemson Men's Basketball Team

Dear Tigers,

I know you have been slighted by the polls, dismissed as paper tigers, promised that this year will be different, and been heralded as the strongest Clemson team in the past 10 (-ish) years.

I know you lost to Ole Miss in Puerto Rico; well, what happens in Puerto Rico...you know the rest.
I know you heartbreakingly lost to UNC on a last second three point shot while the students chanted who's down with OP(P)?
I know you had a hangover loss to UNC-c at home, I've had bad hangovers too.
I know you lost to Duke in Cameron, despite out-rebounding them by 16.

I know, because I was there- not always physically, but psychologically. Well, I really don't know, but I will pretend for the sake of pretending.

Now, you are 14-4, 2-2 ACC, and you still need to prove yourselves, especially tonight- one of the Wake freshmen, James Johnson, has a blackbelt in karate for god's sake.
It make take some of Booker's backstreet Whitmire magic to take this team down.

Wake is looking to make some noise. Make them STFU.
Really, do it.
Cover their mouths and win.

Do whatever is necessary to make it happen. Do not play Wake's game. Make them play your game- whatever it is going to be.

Unlike last Saturday, protect your balls. Duke was able to steal the ball 21 times.
21 times, Bueller.

21, Tim Duncan. 62-65.

Demon Deacons, Really? Get it together Tigers.


- The OP.

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