Monday, January 21

Clemson Tigers come back, then lose in Cameron

The OP was off the grid for the Clemson/Duke Game this weekend. As such, I will pretend the loss never happened.

However, the grid is now back up.
Here are some proxy comments I received during the game:

"Ah, the usual joys of watching Clemson basketball play at the Coach K fiefdom were realized last night.

There were literally too many horrible calls to go into here but, generally,
(1) if a Duke player touched the paint, there was a foul called against Clemson, and
(2) if a Clemson player wasman-handled/mauled/mutilated in the paint, there was no call.

Clemson didn't help itself by being the worst free-throwing shooting NCAA basketball team in the world!

I still don't understand this part of Clemson Basketball.


Regardless of poor oficiating, Duke did two things to beat us: they knew they couldn't stop our big men, so they stopped the big men from getting the ball. Duke's pressure on our guards had me screaming for someone to learn how to pass. The game was also won by our horrible outside and free throw shooting.
An excuse: I heard that it was about 150 degrees and that [Duke] had the heat cranked. Other teams had cramped up in previous games.

I wonder if fatigue after coming back twice took it out of the Clemson guards more than anything else.
We are now ORV in the AP poll and 25 in the Coaches' poll.

Tomorrow, the Tigers take on Wake, who dominated FSU, like we, nor Duke could do. FSU was probably suffering from the same type of post-loss hangover we did when we lost to UNC.

Either way, this game could prove tough. It will be interesting to see how we perform after this most recent loss. Will be shore up our mistakes, or play into our opponents' hands again. God I hope it is the first option.

If you plan on being in Littlejohn tomorrow here are the giveaways:
- Clemson Rally Towels compliments of Alltel
- Cliff Hammonds Trading Card to first 1,000 Fans

Untill tomorrow,
Go Tigers.

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