Tuesday, January 15

Clemson rains threes on NC State

The OP Stat of the Game: 10-25 3p%.

Maybe it wasn't raining. But, 40% is still strong. If Stitt hits one or two of the four he tossed up, then it would be raining.

Still, good work. I knew the inside would be tough against the big bodies of NCSU, but again, they looked confused, over-matched, and embarrassed. The one positive for NCSU was Courtney Fells. Not only did he have 19 points, which the pack needed, he also took Javier Gonzalez off to the side after the struggling PG had two consecutive turnovers. Maybe Lowe is seeing a leader develop.

As for the rest of the Wolfpackers, they were in reaction mode the entire game. They never looked in control.

The Tigers, however, looked a little rusty in the beginning, which made for a painful opening ot the first half.

Yet, we need to credit OP for rallying the Tigers, Trevor Booker for keeping us in the game, and Terrence Oglesby for taking us to the next level.

Solid work. Now, we move to Cameron on Saturday.

I have one point of advice for Saturday:

.6 seconds

Go Tigers

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Vince said...

We'll bring some red umbrellas on Feb. 26th.