Sunday, February 10

Clemson goes to 0-53 as UNC receives "referee treatment"

I really wanted to title the post: "UNC receives referee handjob." I probably should have.

Nonetheless, we "clemson-ed" that game away. I probably lost 3-5 years off my life tonight, as the Tigers were unable to seal the game after being up by 15.


Now, The OP Stat of the Game: UNC 36 FTA, Clemson 7 FTA.

That is right, 7. Despite the fact UNC supposedly played defense throughout the game, they were called for 14 fouls, we were called for 31.

Apparently, Hansbrough is the best basketball player in the history of planet, Clemson will always be treated as outsiders, and UNC should list their official colors as black and white.

Yes, we should have hit more shots at times.
Yes, we should have done something else, etc.

But, really. Really. From the end of the 2nd half, the world knew what was going to happen- the refs knew. The refs knew when they stopped the game after a made three for UNC nearly 5 seconds after we had the ball.

Guess what, if the refs don't see the initial TO, it didn't happen. No matter how loud you complain-- unless the game is in Chapel Hill.

Tigers, I wish you would have pulled it out. I hate that it has to be this way. I really want to sing the song Duke sings when they play UNC.

I am not going to call anyone out for this game, you can look at the stats yourself, but I bet Uncle Cliff is open. Get the ball in his hands.

Go Tigers!

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realist said...

Man, that one ref cannot stand Clemson. I'm trying to find out how many ganes he been a part of when the tigers get unfairly treated, but it's hard. They seem to ignore reach-ins once the going gets touch for UNC.