Tuesday, February 12

Clemson Tigers <3 GT

By now, we all know what happened; however it is explained.

And what happens next is more important than what already happened.

If you didn't know, we play Georgia Tech Thursday. GT is a much improved team, sitting at 4-4 in the ACC, a mere one game behind us at 5-4.

In January, GT lost to UNC by 1, 82-83, followed by a three game conference win streak against VT, NCSU, and UVA. They lost to Maryland by two, 86-88, and then beat Wake.

Overall, GT always plays us tough. And, they always have strong guard play. This year is no different.

Despite all of this, I am more interested in seeing how we respond to a second loss to UNC; hopefully, we will come out as a team with a chip on its shoulder rather than a hapless, defeated one.

Tigers, it would have been great to beat UNC. However, that is just one game. The bigger goal is still in reach.

It is time to take it and grab it.

Go Tigers!

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