Friday, February 15

Tigers move to 6-4 in the ACC

The OP Stat of the Game: 23-32 FT, that is 71.9%.

The Tigers were lead by Uncle Cliff Hammonds, that's him second to the end on the left, with 22 points as he is making the best of his final three home games as a Clemson Tiger. He continues to be one of the most talented, yet understated guards in the ACC.

It must be the goatee(s)- Look at them, six of them.

About last night, I thought the Tigers responded nicely. They didn't limp into the game with little direction, as they did against Charlotte. Good Work.

We did, however, concede 42 points in the paint. This will work as long as we are on with our guards.

Now we have to look forward to two away games- NCSU this saturday, then at FSU, before our penultimate revenge home game against Miami.

This weekend, the entire OP staff will be in Vegas.
I promise to bet on the Tigers against NCSU.

It may be a trap, as there is no way to know which State team will show up. Should we play like we have been the past four games, despite the game being in Raleigh, we should win handily.

This is our chance to go to 7-4, just one win shy of avoiding a losing ACC-season.

Go Tigers!

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j-blz said...

Tomorrow they will be celebrating the 1983 NC State NCAA Championship at the RBC center. The Tigers will have to collectively block out all of the fanfare as well as Sidney's red jacket. This will not be easy.