Saturday, February 2

Clemson looks for separation

I concede the fact ACC select is a good idea.
I have ordered from it in the past.
I might even do so tonight.
Still, it sucks.

Is it really not possible to broadcast this game on tv?
This is just one of my problems with the ACC tv contracts.

Does the ACC think four games and the tournament broadcast in HD is sufficient to make it the nation's leading conference? The Big Ten has its own channel; I am sure some other conference does as well. Why not move in that direction and sell games out to regional/national media individually and what does not get picked up, broadcast on your own channel- a la NFL network.

The ACC is operating with an antiquated business model.

Per tonight's game, you have three options, with which you can involve yourself.

These can be enjoyed individually, or simultaneously, though they are not in sync.
  1. ACC Select- For a fee you can watch the Littlejohn video and direct audio feed, basically the radio broadcast with pictures and without commercials.
  2. Gamtracker- electronic, interweb, flash coverage usually a minute or two behind.
  3. Listen Online- As good as it is going to get. You can listen for free via WCCP-fm.
I can't even bring myself to deal with the game tonight. I am trying to be non-committal about the goings-on. 4-3 sounds decent, but it is not going to be easy with the injuries and their strong guards.

The game will be determined by what type of Clemson team shows up tonight- lazy, beaten, and lethargic or optimistic, opportunistic, and ready. The same can be said of BC, as they are coming off a huge loss to UNC.

We especially need this home win because we are getting ready to head off for away games and that could spell big trouble for us.

Go Tigers.

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