Friday, February 1

Oliver and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Let us not be so pessimistic about the loss of Stitt.

I miss Uncle Cliff. He seems to be moving around without cause or direction sometimes during the past few games.

Hopefully this temporary elevated PG role in this now Stitt-less offense will bring back some of what Uncle Cliff brought earlier this season.

Maybe it is his beard weighing the front of his head down.

So now Tigers, Sack Up!
Or, more eloquently:

“Everyone now has to hitch up their belt so that as a team we can make up for his absence as we continue to compete in the ACC,” Purnell said.

And what about BC? They are coming off a huge loss to UNC last night and now are probably en route to Clemson for the game tomorrow.

We have a chance to shake things up with their fatigue and our fans, despite the injury losses.

Go Tigers!

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