Thursday, February 28

Clemson Wins!- In gut-wrenching fashion


The OP Stat of the Game: 23-34 FT%

The 10 point win does not reflect the several near heart attack(s) I suffered as the lead diminished. This headline might explain a bit more than the box score: "Clemson gives up 21-point lead, rallies for 79-69 win over Miami."

Miami was probably doomed when they put on those hideous black uniforms.

Now, we have 20 wins and are guaranteed at least a .500 ACC Finish.

More importantly, we have inched closer to an NCAA berth. Prior to last night's game, Miami was the hot, bubble team. This was the win they needed to make them a legitimate tourney team.

KC performed as he could not against FSU- a game we should have won, on most any other day in the season.

Nonetheless, we get the home win and move into sole possession of 3rd in the ACC. Such accolades as these have not occurred since I was in school.

I want to get excited, but all I can think of is Western Michigan.

And next, we venture into the land of the turtle, Maryland. Followed by a visit to GT and then the home game against VT. Both Maryland and VT are trying to strengthen their resume and make a final NCAA push.

It is time for us to do the same. If we take two of the final three, we will finish with single digit losses, regardless of what happens after the regular season ends.

Triangle Up!
from the Greenville News
Go Tigers!


j-blz said...

Cousin Sam has really got the T. Rex moves down hasn't he?

j-blz said...

Sunday night's game is gonna be huge! At Maryland. Third place in the ACC on the line. Triangle up!