Wednesday, February 27

Listen, gametrack, or acc select tonight's game:vs. Miami


Statistics, blah, blah. Miami, blah, blah.
Freethrows, Three pointers, etc.

Just win. I don't care how.

Mays' hand is supposed better and while the team was recuperating from a loss to FSU, several team members developed the unstoppable flu-strain.

This long, late-season layoff and the other stirrings afoot in the NCAA have kept the rumor-mill swirling. Since last week, OP was rumored to be going to IU and is supposedly at the top of their list. And then, KC Rivers decided to leave early, assuming he would go in the second round.

As much as it pains me to say it, these types of rumors are healthy and necessary. Any positive, buzz created around the program only helps us.

Were we to lose OP to IU, I would transfer the rights to this website and move forward. I don't believe this rumor. If he is contacted, OP should listen.

Concerning KC, I would say the same to him. He should be looking forward. I don't think he is ready for the pros and may be a bit too injury-prone. Nonetheless, why would I disparage him from trying to be successful.

Go Tigers.

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