Friday, February 8

KC and the Tiger Band Sizzle, beat UVa 82-51

The OP Stat of the Game: 16-26 3Pt FG%, 61.5%

The Tigers performed better from beyond the three point arc than the Blue Devils Wednesday night, who were 13-29. It was purely a case of Duke Envy.

Should we play like we did last night, we could steal what has eluded us for the past 52 effing years.

To be fair, they played UNC, we played UVa. Nonetheless, the Tigers' offensive performance, once they started hitting their shots, was on full tilt. It started and ended with KC. He scored the first points of the game and sealed the deal throughout.

(An open letter to KC)

Your manners are impeccable; in your post game interview, you were more than humble, gracious, and deserving. We all know your performance last night was legen-(wait)-dary.

Now, I ask of you, please, oh please beat UNC. Think of Coach K's advice: "The most important play is the next one." Don't dwell on the past- move forward.

I have said what needs to be said. Now actuate. Take over if necessary. You and the Tigers have the talent and now you have the opportunity to make history.

Get that tarheeled monkey off the collective Tigers' back.



You can read all the stats concerning last night's game, but the only one that matters is the W.
5-3 ACC first half.

Good work.

Now beat UNC

Go Tigers!

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