Thursday, February 7

Clemson to Charlottesville Tonight!!

To honor Cliff Hammonds, the elder statesman himself and his architectural leanings, the Tigers will be playing in Jefferson's homeland in John Paul Jones Arena tonight for the first time. This comes on the heels of yet another academic accolade for Uncle Cliff.

But most importantly, "[Uncle] Cliff Hammonds needs just two points at Virginia to become the fifth player in ACC history to record at least 1300 points, 400 rebounds, 400 assists and 200 steals in a career." This is an absurd statistic. I could probably combine four other stat categories and statistic levels to bestow on our other players and they would not be first in ACC history.

The good news going into tonight's game is that Trevor Booker is nearing 100% and the cavs have no real answer for our inside game.

Should Shirtless Sam Perry and his resurrected senior season return tonight with the intensity shown against BC, the Tigers will be in the right place to win.

However, their guards are going to test, press, and do whatever else to us with our lack of a true point guard. And not to compare Clemson-UVa to UNC-Duke, but I am going to do that now, that strategy worked for Duke. And like Duke, UVa has the weapons to score from the outside. Our defense will be key tonight, as if it weren't any other night..

Hopefully OP and the boys will follow through tonight what they started last week. Maryland has crept up. They currently hold 3rd place in the ACC alone. We need to win to be up there with them.

A win tonight would ensure us of 5-3 in the first half of the ACC season. Clever mathematics, I know.

So if you left from Clemson now, you wouldn't be able to make to Charlottesville in time for tip-off.
The Tigers, I'm sure, made the trip without having to navigate Virginia.

Go Tigers!

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