Wednesday, February 6

Cliff Hammonds Apotheosis Coming Soon, etc.

What can't Cliff Hammonds do?
"Hammonds made a perfect 4.0 in his double major of architecture and psychology and is a candidate for the Academic All-America team this year."

Per basketball team as a whole, they had a 2.41 GPA for the semester with both KC and Uncle cliff on the academic honor roll.

And about tonight, you might not know this, but tonight there are four ACC games with another one tomorrow night.

That is right.

The Tigers take on UVa tomorrow at 7 in UVa-ville. On paper, it looks like we should dominate. In reality, they have a strong guard, Singletary, but also outside/inside player Mamadi, no-matter- what-how-you-tell-me-his-name-is-pronounced-I-will-still-pronounce-it-di-ann, Diane.

UVa is a capable team. It will be interesting to see how we play on the road against a team we should beat even with all of our injuries. This game could put us at +2 in the ACC W/L.

A win would place us solidly in Third place, either tied with Maryland or alone, contingent upon Maryland's game tonight against BC.

Win or lose, we have maybe the toughest game on the schedule on 2/10 against history, Chapel Hill, and the Tarheels.

Let us worry about that at a later date.

Go Tigers!

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