Saturday, February 2

Tigers win. BC loses by 22, again- 78-56.

The OP stat of the game: Clemson FT%: 9/10.

Are you kidding me, 9/10? Booker with 10 and Uncle Cliff with 14. The Tigers followed Perry's lead and never looked back.

It was nice to see the veterans make their offensive presence felt again.

KC- 13
Mays- 12
Cliff- 14
TB- 10
DP- 8

Nice work.

We let Tyrese Rice have his, but we kept the rest of the team in check. Despite BC scoring 50%+ of their shots, we rebounded strong and our the amount of prep time we had was reflected in the win.

BC had but one day and we had nearly six.

It turns out that rest works, despite injuries.

Clemson 4-3; keep it above .500 per ACC half and the NCAA should be within reach.

Go Tigers!

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