Tuesday, March 18

Clemson post-loss performances

Our first loss of the season came to Ole Miss in PR. Both the Rebels and the Tigers were undefeated. We followed that loss with two wins against Samford on 12/29 and Alabama on 01/01.

Our only consecutive losses of the season came after the first loss to UNC on 1/6, followed by Charlotte on 1/9.
The second loss was almost expected, as we had just lost on a last second shot to Ellington. We were tired and unprepared.

The Charlotte loss was followed by two wins, FSU on 01/12, and NCSU on 01/15.

Our next loss came to Duke on 1/19, which we followed with a win against Wake on 01/22.
This marks the only time, save the first UNC loss, that we didn't follow with at least two wins after a loss, as we lost to Miami on 01/27.

The final games after the loss to Miami were as follows:
W; BC, 02/02
W; UVA, 02/07
L; @UNC, 02/10
W; GT, 02/14
W; NCSU, 02/16
L; FSU, 02/19
W; Miami, 02/17
W; Maryland, 03/02
L; GT, 03/06
W; VT, 03/09
W; BC, 03/14
W; Duke, 03/15
L; UNC, 03/ 16

So, except for the initial losses to UNC and Duke, we have performed fairly well after a loss. The brackets shape up well for us to do so again.

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