Tuesday, March 18

TDP shows Oliver Purnell some love with a Contract Extension

OP is signed through 2014, a two-year extension on his previous contract that will move Purnell "into the top third in overall compensation" among coaches in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Financials will be announced in the future.

Nice work TDP.

You saw what needed to be done and you made it happen. OP is the classiest coach in the ACC. And beyond that, he wants to be here. He wants to make and leave his mark at Clemson. His contract extension signals an epic shift in Clemson Athletics. No longer is it acceptable to be just a good football school.

"We’re in the process of breaking the cycle here, but we’ve got to have a great leader to be able to do that," TDP said. "And we’ve got a great leader."

This widens the scope of the university and makes Clemson relevant beyond just the Southeast.

Congratulations OP!

Go Tigers!

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