Thursday, March 6

Clemson vs. Ga Tech and the painful metaphor of the ramblin wreck.

Tonight the Tigers look to avoid developing a case of Tetris Brain and doing the [clemson] collapse.

Hopefully we won't be lingering upon and replaying what OP says is the biggest comeback in Clemson history and what most Maryland fans say is their biggest collapse.

So Tiger fans, suit up!

We're going to city.

It is 9-5 vs. 5-9, 21-7 vs. 12-16 and certainly some mathematical correlation can be made here. However, don't do it.

Clemson can accomplish many things tonight, some for the first time, some for the first time in a long time- But I am wary.

Maybe I am developing a case of poormouth here, but I am afraid to get excited about the possibility of anything positive happening tonight, or next weekend.

(I still see the W. Michigan Broncos with the first round upset in my mind. I have replayed it nearly as many times as I have the 2OT sweet 16 loss to Minnesota and Bobby 'socks' Jackson.)

The game is on ESPN2, but probably not HD, as purple doesn't sell as well as shades of blue.

Listen online here
Gametracker here

Go Tigers!

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