Saturday, March 22

OP, thanks for a memorable season.

I am physically sick.

Tampa and Ybor City may suck, but villanova, Philadelphia, their basketball team and their fan-base are worse. Never before would I have rather lost to any other team I could imagine. The Villanova fans and their players made this loss even more painful.

Four upsets in the same city is suspicious.
I am sure the NCAA will not investigate.
I hope OP levels an official complaint for the inexplicable fouls. Villanova was not called many more times than we were called. This is not to say we didn't foul, just not when the refs called it.

I don't know if I will watch until the final four, maybe not until the final game, if then.

OP and the Tigers, thanks for a wonderful season. It is a whole lot easier to root for a team with a coach who is likable. I never knew what I thought about Barnes. I knew he was good, but that was it.

I have followed every minute this year, sometimes obsessively, sometimes casually. I started watching the non-televised ACC Select first game and finished tonight with the HD NCAA tournament.

This is just the next step in the program. As much as I want throw up or throw my remote through the window, I won't.

I will be back. OP and the Tigers will be back and just having this experience is worth it.

Go Tigers!


Agent Orange said...

My wife and I agree on the questionable foul calls in the 2nd half as the tigers were continuously mauled while Nova was getting calls with no one near the ball.

Agent Orange said...
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Agent Orange said...
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