Wednesday, October 8

Clemson Basketball: It's that time of year again.

What many people may look toward during the basketball season is now what many are trying to forget even before this basketball season starts. It seems our football team has not lived up to their potential and preseason hype. And so we all turn our attention to the consistent improvement of Oliver Purnell and the Men's basketball team.

And while last year's performance is being downplayed by the Tigers, as KC said, "Last year is last year." With three solid seniors not back from last year's team- Of course, Uncle Cliff, James Mays, and his fellow energy brother Sam "Sleeves" Perry will be missed- this year is going to be a challenge.

However, Oliver Purnell is carefully optimistic. The Tiger Men's Basketball team under Purnell has improved each year he has been coach, last year achieving a 24-10 record and a berth in the NCAA tournament.

Though those bright hopes, were dashed by the Fighting Villanovans in the first round of the NCAA tournament, this year Purnell expects just as much and even more of the team.

"We want to make this year no exception," Purnell said. "What that means is being above the second- or third-best team in the ACC. And what that means is not just participating in the national tournament, but going deep in the national tournament with a chance to win it."
This year, our out-of-conference schedule is a bit more difficult and will hopefully help us prepare for the endgame in March.

Senior KC Rivers will be leading the charge this year with all other, non-senior key players returning: TO- Terrence "Thor" Oglesby, Raymond"Tiny Wine" Sykes, Demontez Stitt, David Potter, Jerai Grant, oh, and big Book, Trevor Booker in center. The addition of Big Ups "Bobo" Catalin Baicu also in the center, speedy Andre Young at point, and "Big Smoove" Bryan Narcisse and Tanner "The Gentle Ginger" Smith on the wing should help shore up some of the void left by the departing seniors. I'm getting excited just listing the players names. Replacing Cliff Hammonds, however, and not necessarily in terms of statistics, but of heart, dedication, and determination, will probably be the most difficult concern for this year's team.

It's time to get ready and time to get going. Read more about this year's team below:

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Next Friday, 10/17, practice officially begins and it will be time to "Rock the John" with festivities starting at 8:00 pm.

Go Tigers!

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Any idea which uncommitted recruits are attending Rock the John. I am compiling a list of the uncommitted recruits that are attending each MM event. You can see the list here