Wednesday, October 29

Clemson Basketball: In which the excitement builds

Enough time has passed between Rock the John and today that I can now, without malice, and in all seriousness ask- what was the sports marketing department thinking when they came up with the name for that? That should have never left the brainstorming session and probably shouldn't have even been in there. Second-rate marketing is not going to help OP and the Tigers make a name for themselves this year.

Speaking of which, Clemson is picked to finish 5th in the ACC this season, with UNC, Duke, Wake, and Miami picked ahead of the Tigers.

The past two weeks have signaled a new era in Clemson sporting history. The abrupt changes in the football program have lead many to seek refuge in the basketball program. To those, I say welcome.

Just this past Thursday, the Tigers held an open scrimmage. The statistics are below:

Orange & Purple Scrimmage Statistics

Oglesby7-16 (6-12)214#32
Potter5-11 (2-5)12532
Rivers7-14 (3-8)19934
Smith2-5 (2-4)63#31
Young2-7 (1-6)76#36

The line that stands out the most to me is Jerai Grant's 7-9, 15 pt effort. This year's success, I think, hinges upon our ability to perform at the forward position: Potter, Grant, Sykes, Smith. We have the inside presence with Booker, who is listed as the #16 Big Man to watch this year according to Gary Parrish, and hopefully Baicu, and have strong guards: Stitt, Oglesby, and of course Mr KC Rivers, listed as the #22 wing player by Parrish, but we are not as experienced elsewhere- ie., we no longer have Mays.

Per this year's team, Espn Insider Blue Ribbon Analysis graded the Tigers
Backcourt: B+
Bench/Depth: A-
Frontcourt: B+
Intangibles: B+

ACC Handbook essentially agrees, but adds Coach: A. This puts him in the same category as Roy Williams and Mike Kryzewski- at least in terms of the grade. Remember, the grade is a range, but its exciting nonetheless.

The season officially gets started 11/14 against Hofstra- are they still the flying dutch?- in the inaugural Charleston classic. Subscribe to The OP: Clemson Basketball Google Calendar to keep up to date.

Link Round-up:
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Milton Jennings Article- a little old-
Catalin 'Bobo' Baciu has been suspended five games

And my new favorite pictures:Bryan Narcisse

Bobo and Stitt

Go Tigers!

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tigernationcast said...

My podcast did an interview w/ Coach Josh Postorino last week. It went well, if you would like to listen go to and look for episode #14, their is a listen now button if you don't want to download. There is also an interview w/ interim HC Dabo Swinney that was done in the last week.