Sunday, March 9

Stitt Happens! Clemson Wins Dramatically

The endgame was only fitting.

We won with what is accepted as our most glaring weakness, FTs
I really wanted the Tigers to win this game.They needed a confidence boost after the collapse against GT.

It happened, despite more shaky officiating by the ACC crew.
(aside)Maybe if the crews let the teams play like they did Saturday night in the Duke/UNC game, the ACC would be even more exciting and respectable than it is now.
As such, I was awarded doubly after being screwed by DST this morning.

Firstly, Clemson won. The Tigers held on when they could have let go.

Secondly, I gained a ton of fantasy ACC points from AD Vassallo, without having to suffer a Clemson loss. However, I can't remember if I had Oglesby set to start for me this week or not, so my win/loss in this final game/week may come down to whatever I did with Oglesby.

Especially since Oglesby found his stroke again and ended up with 17 points.
And what about Demontez?

He sealed the deal for us in the end hitting 2-2 FT and lifting us over VT. The fact that it was our freshman point guard who pushed us into the ACC and NCAA tournaments on a positive note for the Seniors' final home game was a fitting acceptance of his future role. Both he and Oglesby have stepped up big for us in the past few weeks.

And while Mays, Perry, Nuts, and Uncle Cliff set the foundation, soon it will be time for Stitt, Oglesby, and the future classes to build upward.

This win, while it may not seem as big, nor dramatic as the win against Maryland, it is. Maybe even bigger.

ACC 3rd Place (Honorary Mention, Show?)

Go Tigers!

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