Wednesday, December 17

Clemson finishes pre-ACC tune-up, defeats North Florida 76-36

The OP Stat of the Game: Trevor Booker- 16pts, 10 reb, 5blk.

Congratulations Tigers on moving to 11-0, achieving a top 25 ranking.

Now, it is time to play some basketball.

The slow start the Tigers had last night will not work against Miami, any ACC team or any other team remaining on our schedule. 7:38 seconds left in the first half and the Tigers were tied 17-17 with the winless Ospreys.

That, my friends, is unacceptable. Not just against a second rate team, but against any of our future opponents. The wins will not come as easily from here on out.

So, what should we make of this 11-0 incarnation of the Clemson Tigers?

Here are some ACC stats for our starting Five, pre- ACC season:
Booker- pts: 15th, reb: 6th, blk: 1st
Sykes- pts: 42nd, reb: 25th
Stitt- pts: 44th, ast: 9th
Oglesby- pts: 26th
Rivers- pts: 21st, reb: 19th, stls: 13th

With this, what will the Tigers have to do to win at Miami? Just stopping Jack McClinton might not be enough. But, it will be a start. Every bit of Miami's offense runs through him. He is a beast. He can and will shoot and score from just about anywhere. For the Tigers to win, they need to play their game and get some good minutes from the bench players. Defense will win this game. It will be about wearing them down.

Outside shooting still seems to be a liability for us. If we work the inside through Booker- and Sykes if he brings his offense- we will have some opportunities outside.

This game against Miami will be a real test of our abilities and those of Miami as well. They are a team with something to prove as well. We probably won't get any cheapshots from McClinton, so expect him to come ready to play.

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Go Tigers!

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