Monday, December 15

Clemson Ranked #25 in both polls

These might be pity votes, but at least they are some recognition of the 10-0 season this year, the fourth in a row. OP has this year's Tigers playing harder than years past, as the competition has been stronger- hence our our ranking as #1 in the RPI.

Here is the quote from CBS sportsline concerning our top 25 debut:

Clemson is off to a 10-0 start for the fourth straight season and this is the third straight season it has been ranked after a seven-year stretch without cracking the Top 25.

The Tigers, who were ranked 22nd in last season's final poll, opened this season by beating Hofstra, TCU and Temple to win the Charleston Classic and their most recent win was a 90-63 victory over South Carolina State on Saturday.

Clemson opens its Atlantic Coast Conference schedule on Sunday at Miami.

Temple's victory over Tennessee helped.
Illinois keeps winning.
Charlotte beat Mississippi
Hofstra still only has one loss.

And though Clemson is ranked #1 in the RPI, this is not March. Then it could help us get that extra push into the NCAA tournament. But now, it is apparently not enough to get more than a #25 ranking.

At least one team with two losses, Miami, is out of the top 25, which, as mentioned above from CBS, we play on Sunday. They are probably not happy with this.

This is a big early season game.

Go Tigers!

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