Friday, January 30

Clemson 86-82 against VT, in pictures

I didn't even think to mention the alternate purple uniforms we wore last night. It was, I am sure, to distinguish us from the hokie-stone orange and maroon.

KC Rivers found his shot tonight. Maybe it was wrapped up in the purple jersey, tied with the purple laces.
(from the Greenville News)

Oh, I failed to mention one of the best lines from last night's commentary. Musberger discussing some VT heroics said, "As the coach would say, that took onions!" "Onions." Bobby Knight, already red-faced, turned even more so as he acquiesced to Musberger's musings.

The Tigers needed some onions as well.

Here is the proof:

Ref- "Are you sure you should be shooting those three-point shots?"
DP- "I know. I know. But listen. I am about to go off here. I've got the purple jersey on. My ballin' DP tat is covered. And frankly, I find this discussion laughable."
Ref- "Just know, you have been duly warned."
DP- "The fifteen train is about to leave the station."

And in case you missed it, it will be returning shortly:

I told you ref. I just had to get used to the sleeves and the purple jersey. (from The Greenville News)

Sucks to your blackout VT. Your originality knows no bounds and your creativity is limitless.
(from the Greenville News)

Go Tigers!

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