Monday, February 2

Tigers ranked #10 in both polls

The top 10 ranking ensures another meeting between two top 10 teams will occur in Littlejohn, as the Tigers take on #3 /4 (AP/Coaches) Duke on Wednesday night.

Also, KC Rivers is an ACC co-player of the week after he found his shot again. Though, KC says:
Just because I don’t score doesn’t mean I’m not effective. During the game, I’m rebounding, I’m making assists and I’m playing defense. There are other facets of the game that you can contribute without scoring. I have to do everything else to help my team win. (from
Still, its nice to have senior point production.

And now, just for fun, here is the link to Jon Wilner, San Jose AP voter's ballot. He, from pity, peer pressure, or whatever has the Tigers ranked at a surprisingly high 22.

Oh, if you didn't watch the superbowl last night, you only missed two things: porn -deadspin has the images- and boss crotch (below).

Oh, and that Phelps Bong Hit took place at the pillar of higher learning, USC.

Enjoy until the Clemson Duke Preview.

Go Tigers!

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