Thursday, January 22

Clemson moves to 0-54; No biscuits for you!

The OP Stat of the Game: Jerai Grant 5 blocks.

I went to the bottom of the stat sheet for that.

Yes, I truly was in basketball hell tonight.

Again, I thought it was going to be a good game. I had good seats; I got to see Vitale and OP before the game. As it turns out, this is about as good as it ever was.

Oh, and we stopped the crowd from yelling "We want biscuits!" with our stellar defense which allowed a mere 94 points, just six points short of the free biscuit threshold.

I even saw a competitive 20 minutes of basketball in the first half. I might have seen the emergence of TO as a JJ Reddick type player, as at least twice he jumped into a defender to draw the foul, then hit the freethrows.

Then, the second half.

I know this was UNC, but we seemed to give up.

After the first five minutes of the second half, the team seems resigned to failure. Their shots weren't falling and they were not playing as a unit on defense. We looked out-of-sync, out-of-rhythm, out-of-sorts altogether.

Even before Booker came up with a hurt ankle, he looked lethargic. KC was the same way. Terrence Oglesby showed a fire that none of the other players did. Tanner Smith had a decent first half, but when he missed a few assignments on the weakside late in the first half, he argued with OP, and sat for large chunks of time.

Our offense looked confused as well. We never really established an inside game. Booker drew attention early, but he never was able to take advantage of his position.

I think we would have done better tonight with a team full of Oglesby's. We might not have won, but there would have been passion in the defeat. Something that was sorely lacking from tonight's loss.

Up next is 9-9 GT. This could be the biggest game of the season. It needs to be. It needs to be a stop-gap, suture, something. We cannot afford another drop-off like two years ago.

Go Tigers!

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78TarHeel said...

0-54 is truly remarkable. It has to suck to even think about coming to Chapel Hill for you guys. Oliver P is a class act though...hold on to him.