Sunday, January 25

Tigers host Georgia Tech Tonight

Time: 7:45pm
Watch: Fox Sports
Listen: WCCP
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The Tigers will be fighting to stay relevant in the ACC tonight. They will be playing against ACC 0-5 GT. The difference between a win and a loss is tied for fourth or sole possession of sixth. Should the Tigers tonight, they will be tied with UNC at 3-2.

The schedule works out well for the Tigers from here on out. Nonetheless, tonight's game could be huge. A win would be a fight against a slide similar to two years ago.

In the two consecutive losses, the Tigers have let the opponent play their game, rather than forcing them to play our game. This seems like an obvious observation, but it is something we are not doing. Generally, this year's team has played above the level of the competition. They couldn't keep up against UNC.

The Tarheels had too many open shots, as they were able to beat us off the dribble or catch us in transition. This could, of course, be rectified if we had hit our shots and had been able to set up most times down the floor.

In order to win tonight, we are going to need the following:

Booker and KC to show up
Stitt to make an assist- not just turn the ball over.
TO to let the shot come to him and not try to create it.
Establish an inside presence- on offense and defense.
Have a PG-Stitt or Young, or whoever- attack the basket.
Set the screen.

And most importantly, play like we care. Play with passion.

We cannot afford to be defeated this early in the season. This team is better than they played in Chapel Hill. However, if they play like they did against UNC, it is going to be a long season.

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Go Tigers!

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