Monday, January 26

The Tigers win against GT

The OP Stat of the Game: Team- 13 assistsDemontez Stitt, proving he indeed does know how to pass the ball successfully. (from The Greenville News)

Last night's performance in parts was:

The best stretch of the game, however, bookended halftime. The last minute of the 1st half into the first five minutes of the second half, we opened it up. The resulting game play proved we learned something in Chapel Hill, as we played with the intensity of the Tarheels surrounding the half.

However, how many times does a team that scores fewer baskets and has a lower FG% win?
That is right Tiger fans.

Did this win come down to freethrows? Possibly. We were 23-31, 74.2%; while GT was 10-14, 71.4%. This stat not only shows that we hit most of our FT, but we were also attacking the basket.

And, as the stat of the game shows, we shared the ball.
Even TO. He made several passes when he would normally have shot the ball. Still, he was 5-15 shooting- all made baskets were 3PT.

Stitt had a much better A/TO ratio of 5/2 to go with his six points.

Booker had a quiet double-double, 11pts, 11reb. But was 2-7 shooting, with only one dunk. ONE. Stop the floating, circus-tap, hookshot, away-from-the-basket BS and back it up and DUNK. Inside-out. Inside-out.

And what about Grant? He is developing nicely in the past couple of games. OP made the adjustment to start him in the second half and was rewarded nicely. Grant was 4-4 shooting, 2 layups, two dunks, and 2-2 from the line to go along with 4 reb, 1 steal, and 2 blocks. If he can stay out of fould trouble, he could/should give us a stronger, more athletic inside forward presence.

Ray Sykes is big, and he had ten points, but on 5-9 shooting. With all of his shots coming from within four feet of the basket, he should have a higher shooting percentage. "Tiny Wine" get your head in the game.

Next up, Virginia Tech, Thursday, 1/29. This is not the best time to be playing a team coming off two strong away wins (Wake and Miami). Hopefully, they will be emotionally spent and we will be out of our shooting funk for the game in Blacksburg.

Go Tigers!

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