Friday, January 9

More AP Poll Fodder

This link from this morning is another post by Jon Wilner San Jose AP Voter.
I haven't posted a response in any of the comments, but many Tiger Fans have.

Nice Work.

While Wilner, AP voter, believes otherwise, Jay Bilas has this to say about the Clemson in an epsn insider post from yesterday in which he defines toughness:
Clemson has a chance to be special this year -- the best Tigers team since Dale Davis and Elden Campbell won the ACC regular season in 1990. I like the way Clemson is playing.

Bilas also lists KC Rivers as one of his top 18 tough players.

Again, just for effect, here is Scott Van Pelt exclaiming:
How in the hell can you not have Clemson ranked?

And SVP is right. We might lose the next twenty games, but right now, based upon all the things San Jose voter thinks- in an objective numbers world- Clemson deserves to be ranked, if for nothing else other than to break San Jose AP Voter's double standard.

Per tomorrow's game against NCSU, here is the official press release.

Go Tigers!

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