Friday, January 9

Clemson takes on NCSU Tomorrow.

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Thing I know about Sidney Lowe:

1. He loves giant red blazers.
2. 1983 was a banner year for him.
3. He has(d) a moustache.
4. Everyone loves him at NCSU.

That is all.

And about NC State this year:

They have strong post play with Brandon Costner and Ben McCauley. Courtney Fells plays, sometimes, and Turd Ferguson is expected to dress and possibly play as well. These four players make up the central core of the NCSU squad. They only go about seven deep and the other three primarily fill in when one or more of these four are sitting on the bench.

State is lacking this year in guard play, where we are seeing some steady improvement. Their forwards will be tough for us, as state likes to pound it inside. When they do this, they do so efficiently. It will up to our full and half court defense to get them out of this rhythm and impose our game upon them.

Still, even without strong guard play, the wolfpack has been able to stay close in two tough losses against Florida and Marquette. They were able to do so because they established the inside game early and ran the offense through Costner. He is they key to their offense and who we need to focus on stopping. This might be difficult if we can't get quality minutes from our bench, Potter included.

Read what a NC State Blog has to say about the game. The post has charts, graphs, and Clemson player name anagrams- my favorite is A Porkier Slut Oinks, Ray Dungeon is also strong.

Let's make it past NCSU and move to 2-0 in the ACC. We've got to be focused, though, because win or lose, Wake is in a week.

Go Tigers!

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