Thursday, January 8

So, the AP voter responds to Clemson fans, Scott Van Pelt responds to AP voter

If you haven't been paying attention, or didn't know of my, and the many Clemson fans disdain for the AP basketball voters, or maybe just one in particular, the asinine nature of many AP voters irks some in the national media as well. Scott Van Pelt from the WWL in particular, picked up on this thread during his show today.

Prior to being called out by Mr. Van Pelt, Wilner AP hack, posted a defense of his voting.

Now, here is Scott Van Pelt calling out Mr. AP Voter from San Jose for leaving Clemson off of his Ballot, and for a few other things as well. SVP invites him on the show to defend his voting record- of course, that didn't occur.

How in the hell can you not have Clemson ranked
? - SVP mp3 sound byte.

Full SVP section concerning Wilner, AP hack, and Clemson. - SVP mp3 sound byte.

NCSU preview coming soon.


Go Tigers!

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