Tuesday, February 17

Clemson to bring the onions tonight against Maryland

Onions? Yes.

In the Bill Raftery manner, of course.

Tonight: 7:30pm, announced by Mike Patrick and Bill Rafferty
Watch: ESPN2
Listen: WCCP-FM
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Maryland would like nothing more than to beat Clemson in Littlejohn, especially after last year, as TO hit the game winning shot, was named ACC Rookie of the week and Greivis Vasquez became the second most hated player on that court. Then there was the Scott Van Pelt-TO exchange. Oh, the memories of last year.

PS, I still love this girl.

Per tonight's game, Strelow of the The State seems to think the fates of Maryland and Gary Williams and Clemson and Oliver Purnell are inextricably interwoven. I don't know for sure. Hopefully, Maryland will lose tonight and win all of their other games, thus rendering any speculation about OP to Maryland a moot point.

Now, the Gary Williams Comedy Hour comes to Littlejohn.
GW- "Did Grievis make curfew last night?"
Other coach- "I think so."
GW- "Next time check again, because I think that girl wore him out last night; he looks tired and he's playing like sh*t."
Or something along those lines. It's hard to read his lips when he turns around to yell.
And Grievis, supposing he made curfew last night, will be the player to watch on Maryland. He is hot-headed and makes lazy, splashy passes. Hopefully, our press will be able to clamp down on him and the rest of the team.

The Terrapins are undersized compared to FSU, Wake, and even UVA. However, with their lack of height, they will be looking to exploit our lack of size on the perimeter and dribble through the press. Maryland will do whatever it takes. Remember the knock against GW has never been that he cannot coach- it is the recruiting that the Terp fans, alum, etc., are up in arms about. Maryland will be ready.

The Tigers will need a senior performance from KC Rivers in addition to solid defensive performances from Potter, Sykes, and Grant. We have to control the inside. If they pack it in like UVA, it is going to be another long game, especially if the Tigers are not hitting their outside shots. Our defense will have to flex its prowess and stay mobile. If the start beating the press, we have to adjust, mix-it-up, whatever. Should the press not be entirely effective, it doesn't have to be abandoned- just tweaked at times.

This is a big game for the Tigers to get back on track. Conversely, it is also a big game for the Terps to do the same and establish a stronger foothold in clustered middle of the ACC.

Go Tigers!

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