Tuesday, February 10

Clemson Wins at BC, 87-77.

The OP Stat of the game: Terrence Oglesby 6-10 3pt

For the first time in a while, the starting lineup, as a whole showed up, as they accounted for 82 of our 92 points.

Again Demontez Stitt came to play, as he had 11 points.

Raymond Sykes, "Tiny Wine," I owe you an apology.
You have proven you can play. Your line tonight was commendable: 12 pts., 9 reb.(7 OR), 4 blks.

And the rest of the team: Rebounds Ahoy!- We decided to go after the basketball in the second half and ended up outrebounding BC 36-31. The Tigers controlled the ball and committed only 10 TOs, while adding 10 stls, and 8 blks.

Per the fouls, it seemed, at least until the end that the Goatiqued One, Tyrese, Tutankhamen, Rice could walk, run, spaz, whatever right through the defense, as he received a call everytime he approached the basket. And for all the hyperbole of Dan Bonner, it was nice of him and "Shawty Get Loose" Hogewood to acknowledge that that was the first time Rice had fouled out in his collegiate career.

Sometimes the headband and the Goatee are impediments, Mr. Rice. Nonetheless, he had 17 points, while Rakim Sanders, let the rhythm hit 'em and had 23 points, probably a career high.

I liked the second half intensity. And I liked the defensive adjustments. Some our our best defense was with Potter playing the point of the press and Booker playing under the rim. This will work when Booker is not in foul trouble. It would be nice to see the OP press change its focus at times. The half court press and secondary man-to-man intensified in the second half as well. Both of these adjustments were not made in the FSU game. Nice work OP. Nice work Tigers.

Now we move toward Virginia. If you thought FSU was a trap game, wait until the Virginia game. Leitao will be coaching for his job. And while FSU won tonight by 10-ish against UVA, it was close throughout in Tallahassee.

More is to come.

Go Tigers!

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