Tuesday, February 10

The Tigers start ACC 2nd half vs. BC tonight

When: 9:00 pm
Where: Chestnut Hill, MA
Watch: Fox Sports Net
Listen: WCCP
Follow: SCACCHoops

I am still in a deep malaise from our lack of focus, intensity, and ability to close out the game against FSU.

The polls came out yesterday and rather than being in the top five, we were a respectable 11/12.

Boston College on the road isn't going to be easy and it's going to be a late one. Despite some the relative success BC has had in both football and basketball in the ACC, I still find it hard to believe they are in the conference. VT, I understand. Miami, maybe.

BC just seems is like an scientific study that didn't provide the expected results for the ACC brass. And this may be picky, but why are they not called Chestnut Hill College, as the school, like Miami, is not in the city/town/village for which it is named, unlike Clemson. Nonetheless, they are here.

Per the game, Tyrese Rice needs to be the focus of our defense. And conversely, we need to stop him from breaking the press. He might not be Lawson-esque or Teague-like in all respects, possibly more like Toney Douglas. We know he can score and we know how we fare against the teams with strong guard play- even Liberty with their five guard line-up.

Go Tigers!

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