Wednesday, March 18

Clemson Basketball Press Conference transcript

The following is a link to the KC, MO press conference. It isn't extremely long, but very insightful. It isn't a sunshine fest.
Here is the .pdf file.

Terrence Oglesby had this to say about the team
Right after we lost to Georgia Tech, we had practice the very next day after the bus trip back. We've had an abundance of team meetings, and, you know, I think we've really come together a lot more as a team and just being able to focus on our goal and establishing our goal and our goals to advance. And obviously, you know, we have to carry forward and, like I said, play as a team in order to get that, and I think that's one way you rebound is just getting the mental part back into -- back into focus.
My favorite line is the euphemistic usage of "an abundance of team meetings."

The file is a worthwhile read. OP reflects on the dusty nature of our zone offense and what occurred in the Michigan losses, very insightful. The players sound knowledgeable, intelligent, in addition to being focused, loose, and ready.

Go Tigers!

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