Thursday, March 19

Is it 7:10 yet?

So I tried to coordinate a back and forth between The OP and a few Michigan sites. Both fell through. Still, their sites, Mgoblog and Umhoops will be providing previews of tonight's game.

If you want to read a little back and forth from a Clemson perspective and and Michigan perspective while learning to "Know your Wolverines," check out Block-C.

Also posted on Block-C is this video from ESPN Katz interviewing OP.
Katz didn't seem quite as smug with OP over the phone, as he was with Obama.

A new entry was added to the tournament diary on the official site.
Buried deep within the text is this gem:
A decent crowd was on hand to see the Tigers, and freshman Bryan Narcisse rewarded them with a sick windmill dunk to end the session. A smattering of applause soon followed.
And here are some obligatory, anticipatory morning links:

Late Nights help Oglesby's Range- Range? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?
You've lost that loving feeling: Tigers look for winning feeling again in Kansas City
Tigers have talked, but can they walk the walk- or include another cliche in the headline?
Deadspin Clemson v. Michigan preview

And finally, some pre-game reading before you tailgate tonight from UMhoops. They do a good job breaking down tonight's game from angles I can see.

Go Tigers!


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Thanks for the shout out buddy. Too bad it didn't fare well for us.