Wednesday, March 18

Wednesday Morning Links

As everybody is getting ready for tomorrow night, here are a few links to get you ready for today.

Mental Skills aid Tigers
Certainly, I am no mentalist, but the Tigers needed some of this kind of psychology a few games ago. Let's hope it works again tomorrow.

Tigers hope to avoid danger zone
Clever Top Gun reference from The State. Kenny Loggins would be proud, though Beilein says, “We haven’t played as much zone as people would think,” estimating the Wolverines have used the 1-3-1 on about 10 percent of possessions.

KC Rivers: "We just got too satisfied"
Complacency is the enemy of cliches.

Clemson needs to find its defensive mojo quickly
Again, Clemson channels the 1990s. Though, Michigan guard CJ Lee said this of Clemson's defense:
Our staff is going to have us ready and the key will be to break their press as quickly as possible to get into our half-court offense. We’ll know their execution and hopefully we can change that with our defense and throw some different looks at them.
Tigers looking to get energy, identity back
Stitt talks up the cumulative effect of Clemson's press
I don’t think they’ve seen the press that we’re capable of putting on people. Manny Harris is a good player and they have some good guards, but at the same time, if we can impose our will on them, they’ll be tired by the end of the game.
Today's KC practice times were announced yesterday
Clemson holds court for thirty minutes, 4:25-5:05 p.m, Central time. Do the math for Eastern time conversion.

And just so you remember what it is like to win, and win big:

Clemson 74, Duke 47
Michigan also played Duke
Duke 71, Michigan 56
(correction- I was a little tired this morning and forgot Michigan played Duke Twice, though I mentioned it earlier. Thanks for the reminder UMHoops)
Michigan 81, Duke 73

Go Tigers!

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Michigan also beat Duke at home...