Wednesday, March 18

The X's and O's of the Clemson vs. Michigan matchup

Thanks to UMHoops for the link.
Here is a breakdown from Lavin of the Clemson Full Court Press and of course, how to beat it.

Conversely, here is a link from explaining the Michigan 1-3-1 zone and how to beat it. Basically, he says you have to penetrate the gap.

Which, I think means Stitt is going to have to drive.

Then, Gapping the Zone:
Against the 1-3-1, I think the best way to do that is with a double high post like the 1-4 high. When the ball goes into one of the high posts, the other post can dive and you can either shoot, drive or go hi-lo, the other option is the 3-pointer in the corners,

Read This post from for a complete explanation; it contains more diagrams, explanations, and coach-speak on the 1-3-1.

Go Tigers!

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