Tuesday, June 23

Noel Johnson makes it official, Dreadlocks Guy graduates

So, from the absence of TO and Tim Floyd, we gain the services of Noel Johnson, who today, signed his aid agreement, thus making his attendance next year official.

And here's a little insight concerning Clemson Basketball's-not just basketball really- biggest fan- not incidentally, my favorite fan as well- I will refer to him as Dreadlocks Guy as I have always done. Yeah, you know this guy. He has been everywhere the past four years. I love him, so do you.

More Dreadlocks Guy Links- yes, I know he has a name, but this only lends to his legend and mystery.

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Clemson Super Fan (from The Tiger)

It is the end of an era my friends. Next year will be bittersweet. With the addition of Noel Johnson, the Tigers might have one of their best recruiting classes- maybe ever, but without Dreadlocks Guy, some games will just be more difficult.

Congrats to you sir. You are are a gentleman, a scholar, and a consummate fan.

Go Tigers!

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