Thursday, July 9

Clemson Basketball Summer Update

Big #68 Trevor Booker Dunks- not his usual 35

Here is a little video from a practice. Trevor is the first dunk.

Today, or maybe it was yesterday, or whatever, in Serbia at the World University Games, Trevor Booker saved the day for the USA with a big rebound/tip-out. Trevor lead the team in rebounds with six and the USA held on for a 68-66 win against the host team Serbia.

Apparently, it was a sight to behold- seeing the Serbians go crazy for Serbian Basketball. Of the game, Trevor said, " It was crazy. They had the crowd going. At the end we couldn't make a free throw, but we still came out with a win, so we are happy about that."

He continued concerning the his primary target, "It was hard battling their big guy. He's like 7-1, 400 pounds. I just tried to keep a body on him, and that's all you can do. I think I did a pretty good job, and the other post players did too."

When Coach Bo Ryan was asked about Booker's performance, he responded, "

With out a doubt, and the players know - you can't fool players, they knew that Trevor Booker's energy and his work ethic tonight made all the difference in the world in that game. Everybody else picked up in a lot of different areas, but Talor[Battle] and Trevor, really spearheaded a lot of good things that happened for us offensively, and Trevor on the boards and defensively."

Nice Work Trevor!

And just for fun, here is an article from about a week ago entitled: Trevor Booker: Best Big Man in College Basketball. You read that correctly.

Elsewhere in the world of Clemson Basketball, OP just returned from Ohio at the LeBron Skill Camp recruiting. The same camp LeBron supposed was dunked on and then a video of it was confiscated.

He is in Myrtle Beach doing the same right now.

The match ups for the Tigers' early season tournament, the 76 Classic have been released. This is a young tournament in which all of the teams come from different conferences.

  • Texas A&M vs. Clemson
  • West Virginia vs Long Beach State
  • UCLA vs. Portland
  • Butler vs. Minnesota
The Texas A&M-Clemson winner will play the West Virginia-LBSU winner in one semifinal.

The UCLA-Portland winner will play the Butler-Minnesota winner in the other semifinal.

The winners of those games will meet in the championship game.

The dates of the event are Nov. 26, 27 and 29.

Bobo had surgery.

The late addition of Noel Johnson sent the Tigers surging 10 spots in recruiting rankings to #11.

Also, the still horrendously named, but necessary "Rock the John" date has been announced: October 16. It all seems so, so toilety.

Dear Basketball Publicity Person,

I understand toilet humor sells, but seriously? Was no other name discussed? I bet if we all put our heads together, we could move beyond this flushable event name.


The OP Blog.

If you would like to leave a comment suggesting a new name, please do so.

Go Tigers!

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