Friday, August 28

Booker's Foot via OP Twitter

A collective gasp occurred across OP's twitter followers this afternoon when he released a b it of information regarding Trevor Booker's foot.
It started with Waiting to hear the results of Trevor Booker's MRI on his foot. The Doc's suspect a Stress reaction injury or a fracture. Shoot!
at about 3pm.

From that point this year's season of promise seemed a little bleak. The Bleakness lasted until about 5:30 when OP later announced via his twitter page:
The results are just came in. Book has a low grade stress fracture and a bone bruise. It could have been worse.
Indeed. It could have been much worse. Well, I guess if an injury was going to happen, it is better that it happened now than in the season.

Follow OP on his Twitter page for later updates.

Go Tigers!

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