Tuesday, August 25

ACC Releases Schedule, Clemson Schedule looks favorable

Here is the PDF of everyone's schedule

Here is the official Clemson page, the site link has been adjusted to reflect the 2009-2010 as well.

Below is a screen capture:

A few key things about the schedule before a full breakdown later.
  1. The Tigers have an away game in Lynchburg, VA- Surely, this is a joke, misprint or whatever.
  2. I knew about the away Greensboro game; I hope it is a good payout. I still don't understand that move. Maybe the UNC-G Spartans, or whatever their mascot is, are trying up their competition to advance? I don't know.
  3. Other than the above away games, much of the rest of the Out of Conference schedule (OOC) looks to be a survey of other in-state teams: Francis Marion, Presbyterian, Winthrop, SC, Furman, College of Charleston, and SC State. Wow. SEVEN in-state schools.
  4. The ACC component looks favorable, as this is our not Chapel Hill year, though we get Duke in Durham. The season-ending Wake game could be a trap. Also, other than the NCSU-GT stretch in January, 1/16-1/9, and the late February, 2/24-2/28, stretch against Maryland and FSU, the Tigers have no long periods away from Littlejohn.
Go Tigers!

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B. Rink said...

I think Clemson-Duke as an ACC opener is a great way to open it up...for both teams. Duke gets to get that beatdown off their minds in game one...Clemson gets a chance to prove themselves early. It should be one of those classic ACC games(watch the clock operator!)