Sunday, October 25

Clemson Basketball chosen to finish 3rd in the ACC.


Following the elation of the Clemson Football OT win at Miami, today during the annual ACC Basketball Media day, OP's troops were chosen to finish 3rd, behind UNC and Duke, who were chosen, in a tie, to finish 1st. Does this mean we are second on a technicality? I never understood such.

Booker just missed out on ACC preseason player of the year, behind, but was an All-ACC pre-season selection.

The media voting was full of oddities, complexities, and general- what it seems like to an outsider- confusion. Read the official account here.

Here's Oliver Purnell audio interview from today's events. (pop-up)

Here's the extended video interview with OP via WRAL (Raleigh)

So I guess, the ACC -read NC-centric- Media has read a little of the national praise and media for this year's Tigers. This, of course, puts a bigger target on our back.

So now, it really is on.

Go Tigers!

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