Saturday, October 24

Oliver Purnell leads the Clemson Baketball Troops

Oliver Purnell rappels into Littlejohn to "Rock the John". (from

This year, preseason accolades, superlatives, etc are starting to roll in. And while Clemson doesn't have anything as, for lack of a better word, shocking as Duke with their cinematic masterpieces video, the Tigers are ready- or at least getting ready.

Without Oglesby, the Tigers expect to see some zone defense. Noel Johnson should step up, but after last night's Orange and White scrimmage, he looks to have some work to do- which is par for the course for a freshman, especially in a scrimmage game. Here is the line from last night, unofficial:

Individual Player Statistics (FG-FGA, FT-FTA, Pts)
T. Booker (10-12, 0-1, 20)
Booker is, well, Booker. He is receiving preseason praise from around the country. He is still our only starter.
#12 most entertaining basketball player,
#8 big man

Smith (7-12, 2-2, 19)
Smith looks more aggressive and athletic than last year.

Young (6-13, 1-1, 17)
Could he be the outside scoring threat the Tigers need with Oglesby's departure?

Grant (5-7, 5-5, 15)
Solid improvement from Grant.

Jennings (5-11, 3-3, 15)
He is good and will only get better.

D. Booker (5-11, 3-7, 13)
More polished than freshman Trevor, but still a work in progress. Big upside.

Stitt (5-9, 1-3, 11)
Maybe by default, but the ACC's leading returning PG. Hopefully he steps up.

Potter (2-9, 3-4, 8)
If he can find and keep a rhythm and consistency, he could help with the long, lean look of the Tigers.

Hill (3-10, 0-2, 7)
Nice work from the underrated freshman. He should fit into the rotation well.

Narcisse (3-5, 0-0, 7)
Still bringing the energy

Baciu (3-8, 0-0, 6)
Will Bobo emerge this year with some serious playing time?

Anderson (2-4, 0-0, 4)

Johnson (1-10, 0-0, 3)
Rough outing for the freshman. He should improve.

Petrukonis (0-4, 3-4, 3)
Still waiting.

Baize (1-1, 0-0, 2)

Also, tomorrow is ACC Basketball Media Day. You can watch all of your favorite, and some of your most despised ACC coaches live from 3-8 pm.

Basketball is here.

Go Tigers!

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