Tuesday, November 3

Clemson Basketball: Booker named first team All- America

Ok, so I know I am late on this.

Trevor Booker has been named to an All-America 1st team list.
I tried to vet the Basketball Times with my limited internet sleuthing skills.

Maybe I am too skeptical.

Hopefully Basketball Times is/was a venerable publication at some point. Maybe I need to buy a subscription to the Basketball Times. But, I can't access any of their content.

If I am to take to this publication seriously, I, and all Clemson Tiger Basketball fans, need to see some credentials. Sorry Padre, but I need to see proof of purchase .

Maybe the traditional basketball subscription-based publications need to re-think their business strategy- see the now defunct ACC Handbook, of which I have copies for the past, well, too long.

I know Booker is awesome. Much of the media, national and local, knows he is ready for the season. But let's keep it together, folks.

Let's celebrate our accomplishments, our potential, and let's start this weekend.

Maybe this is a dour observation. Maybe I am just too nervous about taking any outside media serious when it comes to preseason accolades. I know what happens.

So, deep breath. Perspective- well at least for me.

Go Tigers!

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