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Clemson Basketball vs. Francis Marion pre-exhibition notes

Go time.

November 6, 2009
Littlejohn Coliseum, Clemson, SC

Watch in person: Littlejohn Coliseum
Listen online: WCCP-FM
Follow online: Gametracker

Not a part of the" know your.." series, but nonetheless-

Francis Marion is a member of the Peach Belt Conference. They are Patriots; they are swamp foxes. They were picked to finish 6th in their conference, of which more than one of the member schools I have never heard.

For Friday's game, Mel Gibson, whose character from the movie The Patriot is loosely based on Francis Marion, is not scheduled to be in attendance. Leslie Nielsen, who played Francis Marion in the 1950s TV show The Swamp Fox is a maybe.

What else is there to know about the Patriots: Not much, here is their 2008-2009 media guide.

Also, here is a link to their coach, Gary Edwards childrens' club, cleverly names "Gary's Goobers." I wish I had made that up. (Also from last year.)

Last year, they started 8-0, en route to a 16-12 finish. They were 7-1 OOC, and 9-11 in the PBC. This year, the Patriots and the Tigers have no common opponents, but the Patriots do have a home and away series with the Apprentice School Builders from Newport News, VA.

I feel sort of sad and dirty now. I really didn't intend to make fun of Francis Marion. They are fine people and a fine school. Go Patriots.

Ok. Now, Friday regardless of how the game low transpires, as long it is not loss, a la Syracuse- we don't really want to be on covered on deadspin this early in the season- it will be interesting to follow the team chemistry, which was somewhate of an issue last year.

With the athletes the Tigers have, this should not really be a contest. Hopefully, OP will toy with the lineups, tinker with strategies, and use the game as a litmus test of sorts. Maybe the game will be divided into quarters, at least in terms of defensive and offensive focus: zone, press, dribble-drive-kick, etc.

It's exciting just thinking about it.

Go Tigers!

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