Wednesday, November 18

Clemson Basketball wins at Liberty, 79-39

The OP Stat of the Game: David Potter, 5-6 3pt, 85.7% FG%, 100% solid

Surely I could have employed some clever, fire-related verb or metaphor to convey the Tigers win yesterday, but I already did that in a brief preview of the game and besides, other outlets have got it covered.

Well it wasn't David Potter's 104th game against PC, but it turned into the David Potter show early. While you were busy trying to caffeinate to get your day started, DP was putting in some serious work in VA. If this is the new look Potter, then, well I am a fan.

Per the rest of the game, there was a decent amount of experimentation and different players getting some floor time- what would be expected from such a blowout. Even Karolis Petrokunis got into the action. Mr. B-Nice, Bryan Narcisse, didn't have the same stellar performance that he did in the first game, but his sheer presence, though disjointed at times, still brought a certain amount of energy. He seems to take advantage and appreciate every opportunity he gets on the floor.

Per Jerai Grant, he didn't have the best game. His size and length should be an advantage, but he needs to keep the fouls under control.

Trevor Booker posted double-double #1 at 12pts, 12 reb. And this is where the Tigers dominated. The 43 rebounds vs. their 27, showed the difference between a strong, physical big conference team and a smaller school. Liberty had some inside presence, but the amount of size and depth of the Tiger's Bench was too much for the Flames.

Overall, the team played well at times and continued to demonstrate that they can shoot from the outside. Is this an elaborate plan by OP and the coaching staff to get teams to respect our outside shooting in order to free up space on the inside for big 35, Trevor Booker? Probably.

Trevor Booker will get his points and rebounds, but when teams are forced to guard on the outside, their defenses will need to adjust. When Stitt and Young get the dribble-drive under control, we will be offensively in a better position.

This game was a growth game, as are the next two games against UNC-Greensboro and Winthrop. But now, these teams have a little more bite. UNCG was tied with VT at the half last night, but couldn't hold on.

The competition level will continue to increase as the season progresses.

Go Tigers!

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