Monday, November 16

I guess David Potter has been there a long time, plus Liberty notes.

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So apparently, David Potter, according to the official Clemson-Liberty game notes:

That's right,the 103rd consecutive game against PC, and he is just now starting. It's been a long career of Blue Hose for Mr. DP, but ...

However, if watching Potter start game 104 is not your style, tomorrow morning you can enjoy Clemson basketball during your morning coffee- per Asst. Coach Josh Postorino.

I know ESPN had the bright idea of 24 hours of basketball. Bu,t Clemson at Liberty is not going to draw the viewers. Clemson basketball fans are becoming more rabid, but this is not the World Cup- internet cafes around the globe will not be following this one, this is freaking Liberty at 10 am.

Firstly, why are we playing in Lynchburg? TDP? Money? Ahh! This is just the 4th time we have played them since 1980 and the first at 10 am, there to top it off.

So, who knows what will happen? Its early, they are guard-crazy. We are now ranked #22 and #23 in the AP and Coaches' poll respectively. Our profile will only increase with a win in this ESPN extravaganza, but...

Maybe I am just bitter.

Douse the Flames,

Go Tigers!

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