Saturday, November 14

Clemson Tigers open season with win over PC

The OP stat of the Game: Bryan Narcisse, 10 pts.

I certainly a not so subtle blue hose PC metaphor , but its too easy.

So, it seems Tanner Smith was not the only one working on his game this summer. While Tanner Smith lead all scorers last night with 14. And while Noel Johnson showed off his offensive prowess with 12 points off four 3pt, it took a team effort to keep the pressure on the Blue Hose.

Looking beyond the standard box score, the TS% and the eFG% of Narcisse stands out. The eFG% (effective field goal %) takes into account the extra worth of a 3pt shot, while the TS% (true shooting percentage) calculates what a player’s shooting percentage would be if we accounted for free throws and 3-pointers. True Shooting Percentage = (Total points x 50) divided by [(FGA + (FTA x 0.44)]. Narcisse shot 71.4% for both. Tanner was 72.2% and 66.7% respectively. While both Noel Johnson, Andre Young, and David Potter all shot 66.7% per each category.

And yes, this speculative in terms of its worth, but at least it is an attempt to show the statistical gray areas usually missed by box scores.

Within the box score, it seemed the Tigers were set on proving the loss of KC Rivers and TO would not adversely affect their performance from beyond the arc, as they shot 14-30. While I don't think the Tigers will loft up 30 3pt shots a game, it was important for them to do so last night to begin laying the groundwork to establish and practice the inside-outside game.

OP himself thought the team became a little three-happy and ordered the team to go inside before going outside. This too was an important diktat, if the Tigers want to maintain an inside presence, rather than just relying on the reputation of their physical inside presence.

It was a fun opening game.

But now, it gets a little more difficult, as the Tigers play in Lynchburg, er, Falwell-ville, VA Tuesday morning against Liberty. Liberty nearly beat George Mason last night. While they lost Seth Curry to Duke, they are still powerful from the guard position, as they run 4-5 at a time.

The Tuesday morning game should be a nice way to avoid class, work, etc, as it will be on ESPN at 10am.

Also, Clemson will add Marcus Thornton to the team next year. The three-star recruit, chose Clemson over Maryland and Xavier.

Now its time to tailgate the NC State game.

Go Tigers!

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